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Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2

The first “Real Housewives” found in Canada are slated to return for another season.

RHOV group walking

What walks like a real housewife, but does almost nothing else like one?

Well some of them anyways.  Shooting is supposed to start this July, but Christina Keisel may be calling it quits. The Real Vancouver Ex-Wife was a big part of the inaugural season, starting some of the craziest drama, and getting probably the nakedest of all the cast members.  Some would fault her for claiming to be 30 years old on the show, but I figure some parts of her are way younger than that, so the average has to be close.

There is little news for the other cast members.

Reiko Mackenzie was in my opinion the seasons biggest snore inducer.  At first I loved her for her balanced approach, and easy going attitude.  Then I started to yawn.  How could this happen? She had fast cars and a gang banger for a husband (Sunny Mackenzie AKA Sun News Lal her husband was arrested as a suspect in a dual homicide related to gang warfare in the early 90’s!)  She should have been a lock for instigating petty drama, or at least shouting “Vendetta!” a couple times.  Instead, she became the boring one. For shame Reiko!

Mary Zilba is a former beauty queen, and a bona fide Canadian pop star that nobody has ever heard of. Although her tracks appear to have been recorded by my nephew on his Casio mini, I can’t say I hate her music. If anything, it reinforces my confidence that money cannot buy a hit record. The first season also had us witness the heartbreaking (inevitable?) ruin of her friendship with Ronnie Negus. How much left does this girl have to give? Will we find out in Season 2 that she’s also a famous Canadian ballet dancer? Perhaps a test pilot!

Speaking of Ronnie Negus, I think this housewife has a lot more potential. Sources online say she wasn’t happy with the way she was portrayed on the first season, but there’s nothing like a second season for vindication. I always liked Ronnie.  Physically.  Is that crass? None of the ladies on this show seem to be aging according to their years, but Ronnie hides her plastic surgery scars a little better than the rest if you ask me. Also, she likes wine.  I like wine.  She just gets me.

Of course let’s not forget Jody Claman, the woman that wore a tiara and then claimed that everyone else needed to go to therapy. Jody might not be everyone’s number 1 favorite person on the show, but that’s exactly why she needs to come back. Ronnie might be able to “tell it like it is”, but sometimes you want to hear “how a crazy person tells it”. Then there’s Jody’s daughter Mia.  Mia is the younger, hotter, lazier, nicer/meaner, entitled version of Jody.  If Mia gets a shotgun wedding, and a drive thru divorce settlement, we might have our next cast member before they even host auditions.

Overall, I think the series’ biggest disappointment was that no one adopted an infant from a third world country so they could have something new and cute to bling up and hand back to the nanny.  I guess I keep my fingers crossed for season 2.